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October Speaking Appearances

Fall seems to be the season for conferences so I am busy flying around the country to spread cheerful stories of corporate propaganda. If you live anywhere near these event venues, hope you can attend.

National Conference on Innovation
October 2 in Dayton, Ohio. Keynote address on food politics.

New York Alcohol Policy Summit
October 6 in Syracuse, New York. Plenary talk on intersection between food and alcohol politics.

Food Day at University of California, Berkeley
October 24, at U.C. Berkeley campus, welcome remarks.

National Conference to End Factory Farming
October 28 in Washington, DC. Farm bill panel.

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
October 31 in Washington, DC. Case study on removing alcoholic energy drinks from the market.

Did Walmart Buy Growing Power’s Silence for a Million Dollars?

Last week retail behemoth Walmart announced a $1.01 million donation to Milwaukee-based Growing Power, a well-known nonprofit whose founder Will Allen has gained much accolades for his hard work to bring local, healthy food to low-income areas.

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General Mills to Feds (and Kids): Drop Dead

A colleague sent me this hilarious email message from one Tom Forsythe, vice president of corporate communications at General Mills. It seems that the mega cereal company found itself on the receiving end of a barrage of emails complaining about its opposition to the voluntary marketing to children guidelines proposed by the federal government. (I wrote about Big Food’s lobbying assault recently for Food Safety News.) So what else is the maker of Reese’s Puffs and Lucky Charms to do but put its PR machine into overdrive by explaining itself.  Here is the company’s pathetic attempt in its entirety.

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