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What happens when your 6-year-old asks you to look up camels?

I just received the following disturbing email from my friend and colleague, Sarah Mart, research director at Alcohol Justice. It seems that while Joe Camel may be gone, his spirit lives on.

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Why one meat producer says a burger should be as expensive as lobster

Interview with Rod Morrison of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats

Rod Morrison is president of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats, a Wyoming company that produces 100% Certified Organic, pasture raised and finished meats. As a sustainable farmer who understands the realities of meat production, he has an opinion or two about the recent uproar over pink slime. 

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Why the Meat Industry is Freaking Out Over Pink Slime

Read my article for VegNews on why it’s time to pull the curtain back on Big Meat even further.

BPA is FDA’s Latest Gift to Food Industry

In a long-awaited decision, last week the Food and Drug Administration disappointed health advocates once again by allowing Bisphenol A or BPA, a known endocrine disruptor, to remain approved as a chemical additive in food containers such as plastic bottles and metal cans.While the agency says it’s still studying the matter, many groups say the science is clear enough. Read rest at Center for Food Safety…

Pink Slime Outrage is Not a Vegetarian Plot

The debate over the use of so-called pink slime in ground beef, what industry refers to as lean finely textured beef, is heating up. Over the weekend, the meat industry hosted a massive picnic in Iowa (with what else, free burgers) to show its support for Beef Products Inc, maker of the filler. The event was held, fittingly, at the Tyson Events Center.

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