Coke Lawyers Correct Eco-Blogger on VITAMINWATER(circle R)

You’d think high-priced lawyers working for a mega-multinational conglomerate such as Coca-Cola might have better things to do than send silly threatening letters to tiny nonprofits like the Center for Environmental Health. This letter calls out the Center’s blog for misrepresenting Coca-Cola’s VITAMINWATER (TM!) brand by referring to the category of “vitamin water.”

Seriously. I am embarrassed for my profession. At least the letter is good for a laugh.


One Response to “Coke Lawyers Correct Eco-Blogger on VITAMINWATER(circle R)”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Normally, I would be first in line to ridicule the legal profession (happen to be in it, unfortunately). But that letter is SOP in trademark protection and not a waste of Coca-Cola’s time. When someone uses your trademark generically as a noun – and you don’t make any effort to correct them – it gradually loses its ability to be a trademark. The letter might seem silly, but if Coca-Cola wants to protect their investment (and a trademark brand is a big investment), it’s necessary. I was curious, though, why you described the letter as threatening? There’s no mention of any potential legal action, or even a demand. They say “request” (and “respectfully request”) throughout, with a “We genuinely appreciate it” at the end. Yes, it makes your eyes roll when you read it, but it wouldn’t make me worry that I was about to get sued. The letter’s intent is to have the writer think about it the next time s/he’s writing and *hopefully* use the trademark correctly. That’s all Coca-Cola can really do in this situation, frankly. (PS – I am not a Coca-Cola lawyer and never have been. I read your blog for the honest food and nutrition news – my own personal passion – but wanted to add my 2 cents to this post. Thanks for all you do and write about!)

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