McDonald’s “Educating” Nutrition Professionals

McDonald's booth at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics expo promoting smoothies

In the report I recently released, (covered by the New York Times) “And Now a Word from Our Sponsors,” I described the various ways the food industry influences the largest trade group of nutrition professionals: the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. While other corporations such as Coca-Cola play a more prominent role by being an “Academy Partner,” McDonald’s engaged in its trademark health-washing at the Academy’s annual meeting last fall.

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3 Responses to “McDonald’s “Educating” Nutrition Professionals”

  1. Ryan says:

    Corporations should not have any influence over these types of organizations. There is too much of a bias. Mcdonalds doesn’t want Americans to get healthy if it cuts into their revenue and profits.

  2. Rob Del Monte says:

    This article is an amazing piece of journalism.
    Science can be bought, and history tells us that if it ‘needs’ to be, it will be. Smoking and asbestos are examples of toxic phænomena where the companies luxured in the ambiguity pool, stringing it out as long as they could: for decades; trying to make out the scientific case against them was flawed. If this were not abhorent enough, this was done whilst asserting medicinal qualities for tobacco and asbestos (“smoking’s good for you!” and “asbestos is an essential and common-sense fire retardant.”).
    I wonder what the truth is about aspartame, fluoride, etc. they are both hailed as having medicinal qualities (“aspartame is a great tool for a healthier diet, replacing sugar.” and “fluoride is essential for dental health.”). Hmmm, seems familiar.
    It’s hard to wade through the vested interest to get to the truth.

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