Have the Feds Made School Food Worse with Government-Approved Junk?

Last week I attended the School Nutrition Association’s annual meeting in Boston, a gathering of the nation’s school food service workers. While most of the controversy lately has focused on the federally-required improvements to nutrition standards for school lunches, getting lost in the shuffle are new standards coming online this fall for school snacks and beverages. Read rest at TIME.com …

One Response to “Have the Feds Made School Food Worse with Government-Approved Junk?”

  1. Marie-Claire says:

    Thank you! For all your advocacy on this issue. For years I have tried hard to convince the administration of our local elementary school that we need to do better for our children. The only thing I have gained over the past 6 years is the understanding that so little can actually be tackled at the school level… And now, our school (in Florida) was imposed an extra hour to the school day which, thoughtfully (?), comes with a free afternoon snack. We are at the end of the first week of school: pop tarts and cocoa puffs have already made an appearance, along side chocolate and strawberry milk… And of course, as you know, tweaked as they are, theses snacks manage to conform to the new policy… I plan to talk to the district dietitian this week. Any advice?

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