On October 21, 2005, Michele Simon coordinated a symposium at Loyola Law School on “Food Marketing to Children and the Law.” Videos from the event are available here and the articles, published in the Loyola Law Review in 2006, are available here. Below are the speakers from the live event.

Keynote Address
Beyond Commercials: Food Marketing to Children in the 21st Century

Susan Linn, Associate Director, Media Center, Judge Baker Children’s Center and Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Public and Private Responses to Junk Food Marketing to Children

Moderator, Michele Simon

Government Regulation of Food Marketing to Children: The Federal Trade Commission and the Kid-Vid Controversy
Tracy Westen, Center for Governmental Studies and former Deputy Director for Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission

Assessing the Effectiveness of Self-Regulation: A Case Study of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit
Ellen Fried, Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Yale University

State Legislation to Address Junk Food in Schools: An Analysis of Corporate Lobbying and Deception to Undermine Children’s Health
Michele Simon, Center for Informed Food Choices and University of California, Hastings College of the Law

Litigation as a Tool to Limit Food Advertising to Children
Steve Gardner, Center for Science in the Public Interest

First Amendment Implications of Restricting Food Marketing to Children
Moderator, David Yosifon

Commercial Speech and Advertising: Lessons Learned from the Tobacco Wars
Randolph Kline, Public Health Law Program

A Public Health Approach to the Commercial Speech Doctrine
Jason Smith, Public Health Advocacy Institute

Resisting Deep Capture: The Commercial Speech Doctrine and Junk Food Advertising to Children
David Yosifon, Rutgers University School of Law

Restricting the Marketing of Junk Food to Children by Product Placement and Character Selling
Angela Campbell, Georgetown University Law Center

Opportunities for Implementing Change
Moderator, Michele Simon

Community-driven Strategies and Policy Tools to Curb Food Marketing and Change the Food Environment for Children at the Local Level
Amanda Shaffer, Occidental College

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