Advertising Regulation

Alcohol ads are ubiquitous in our society. From billboards to Facebook to rap music, the alcohol industry promotes its products 24/7. Research shows that the more ads youth see, the more likely they are to drink, and drink to excess. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Despite industry’s claims of free speech, there are many ways we can restrict alcohol advertising. Whether it’s removing ads from public transit or exposing the failure of voluntary self-regulation, Eat Drink Politics can help you reduce alcohol marketing in your community.

See our reports on this topic:

From Alcoholic Energy Drinks to Supersized Alcopops: A Rare Victory in Protecting Youth from Big Alcohol (2011)

Questionable Health Claims by Alcohol Companies (2011)

Alcohol Promotion on Facebook (The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice, 2010)

Out-of-Home Alcohol Advertising: A 21st Century Guide to Effective Regulation (2009)

Why Big Alcohol Can’t Police Itself: A Review of Advertising Self-Regulation in the Distilled Spirits Industry (2008)

Reducing Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads: Targeting Public Transit (Journal of Urban Health, 2008)

Alcoholic Energy Drinks and Youth: A Dangerous Mix (2007)






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