What are alcopops? Think soda with a splash of vodka. Sound like it would appeal to kids? It’s the alcohol industry’s version of Joe Camel cigarettes. With names like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Bacardi Breezer, and Jack Daniel’s Watermelon Spike, these products serve only one purpose: hooking youth. The alcohol industry realizes it needs to ensure life-long customers at an early age. Alcopops appeal to youth (especially girls) because they look and taste like soft drinks. (Many adults don’t recognize the containers.) The extremely sweet flavors mask the taste of alcohol. Effective policies can change how and where these products are sold.

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Beer Wholesalers Join Public Health to Oppose Four Loko Settlement

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission took public comments on a proposed settlement with the alcohol company Phusion Projects, which makes a beverage line called Four Loko. You might recall in 2010 how that product gained much notoriety for sending scores of college students to the emergency room as a result of its dangerous combination [...]

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