Industry Consolidation

While many industries have experienced massive consolidation over the years, when it happens with alcoholic beverages, there can be negative impacts on public health. And yet most advocates and policymakers are unaware of the consequences of consolidation of power in fewer and fewer corporations. For example, two massive global companies–Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors–now control 80 percent of the beer market, resulting in reverberations throughout the industry that significantly impact local communities. Eat Drink Politics can help you navigate this complex web of corporate control and strategise ways to counter the negative effects. Sometimes your allies may even come from certain members of the alcohol industry.

See our reports on this topic:

Control State Politics: Big Alcohol’s Attempt to Dismantle Regulation State by State (2010)

Big Beer Duopoly: A Primer for Policymakers and Regulators (2009)

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