Table of Contents

Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How to Fight Back


Chapter 1
Anatomy of a Food Corporation: Why We Can’t Trust Them

Chapter 2
Personal Responsibility, Energy Balance, and Other Distractions

Chapter 3
Freedom from Choice: Distortions of All-American Values

Chapter 4
Nutriwashing Fast Food

Chapter 5
Nutriwashing Processed Foods

Chapter 6
“Responsible Marketing” to Kids

Chapter 7
Exposing Government Complicity

Chapter 8
Co-opting the Science

Chapter 9
Eating in the Dark: Nutrition Labeling in Restaurants

Chapter 10
Battling Big Food in Schools (click to view)

Chapter 11
Regulating Junk Food Marketing to Children

Chapter 12
Scapegoating Lawyers

Chapter 13
The Bigger Picture

Appendix 1
Anti-Glossary (click to view)

Appendix 2
Guide to Industry Groups and Spin Doctoring

Appendix 3
Myth v. Reality: Nutrition Labeling at Chain Restaurants

Appendix 4
Taking Back our Schools

Appendix 5
Protect Your Legal Rights

Appendix 6
Resources for Positive Change

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