Lobbying and Interference

If there’s one tactic that unites all industries, it’s lobbying. The  powerful food and alcohol industries spend millions of dollars annually undermining public policies that protect health. Lobbying comes in many forms. Campaign donations are just one strategy, but other stealth operations can be even more effective. Corporate lobbyists wield their influence in myriad ways, often interfering in policy making without having to report the money spent. Eat Drink Politics can help you understand how lobbying works, conduct research for your issue, and help with countering these tactics.


New Plant Foods Coalition Enters Dietary Guidelines Debate

Every sector of the food industry–most of them unhealthy–has something to say about how Americans should eat. But we rarely hear the voices of healthier food companies in shaping the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. I organized this new coalition of plant food companies to help fill that void. Research shows that more consumers are decreasing [...]

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School Food Lobby Flip-flops on Healthy School Lunches

School Nutrition Association includes such Big Food sponsors as PepsiCo, Domino’s and Muffin Town. Perhaps the most visible advocate for improving school food, Michelle Obama is now defending what shouldn’t be such a controversial idea: adding fruits and vegetables to public school lunches. Ask any nutrition expert what foods Americans — especially kids — need [...]

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Follow the Honey: 7 Ways Pesticide Companies are Spinning the Bee Crisis to Protect Profits

Today I am releasing a new report with Friends of the Earth, to bring attention to the dire situation of declining bee populations caused by pesticides. You can find the report here, and read a summary below. If you like to eat, then you should care about what’s happening to bees. Did you know that [...]

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How Restaurant Lobby Blocks Living Wage for Fast Food Workers

If you ask most Americans about the NRA, they will think of the National Rifle Association. But another powerful industry trade group bearing those initials, the National Restaurant Association, conducts its own campaign of duplicitous lobbying and outright deception at the expense of the public interest. Read rest at Al Jazeera America ….  

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Behind Closed Doors: Who’s Taking Meetings with FDA on Food Safety

When President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law in January 2011, it was considered a long-fought, but significant and bipartisan victory to update the Food and Drug Administration’s authority and oversight of the food supply. While much of the wrangling over the language of the law was made public, through media [...]

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