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Public relations consists of a wide variety of communication strategies the food and alcohol industries engage in to bolster their image. It’s important to understand the true motivations behind the latest press release from a company or trade group claiming to care about the public’s health. Often the goal is not only shoring up a company’s image, but more importantly, to stave off government regulation or another policy intervention. Eat Drink Politics has years of expertise in decoding corporate PR and can help you counter this powerful tactic with talking points and other resources.


Big Food defies first lady with own nutrition label

Last week, with an assist from first lady Michelle Obama, the Food and Drug Administration announced a set of proposed improvements — the first in 20 years — to the nutrition facts label found on most food packages. Read rest at Al Jazeera America …

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Super-Sized Lies: Why You Can’t Trust Promises by McDonald’s

The headlines certainly sounded impressive: “McDonald’s to Scrap Soda From ‘Happy Meal’ Ads” and “McDonald’s Ditches Soda In Happy Meal Menus.” In a grandiose announcement from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (an offshoot of the Clinton Foundation), McDonald’s proved once again that it’s not only the world’s fast-food leader, but also the king of [...]

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Big Reality Check on Big Food’s Claims on Reducing Calories

In what is becoming an all too familiar sight, the major food corporations recently teamed up with the First Lady’s Partnership for a Healthier America to announce their latest PR attempt to look like they are helping Americans eat healthier. A group calling itself the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, led by the CEO of PepsiCo–the [...]

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Best Public Relations Money Can Buy – A Guide to Food Industry Front Groups

Last month, the International Food Information Council Foundation released the third edition of its report: Food Biotechnology: A Communicator’s Guide to Improving Understanding. What sounds like a reasonable and helpful document is in fact the product of a well-oiled PR machine whose board of trustees includes executives from such food giants such as Coca-Cola, Kraft [...]

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VegNews Editor Attempts to Rewrite History

It’s fair to say that the vegetarian world gave me my start. In 1996, I began volunteering with various groups to promote plant-based eating. I soon discovered Marion Nestle’s work on the politics of the meat and dairy industries and I was hooked. In the early years of doing this work I made numerous friends [...]

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