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While familiar names such as McDonald’s and MillerCoors tend to get most of the attention, an entire underbelly of corporate lobbying exists in the form of trade groups and front groups. Trade groups pool corporate resources to lobby and and are especially critical for public relations. Front groups are harder to spot, as they go by stealth names that can sound scientific. But such organizations are funded by corporate interests to promote their economic agenda. Eat Drink Politics has a deep understanding of how trade groups operate and can help you research the specific stealth organizations undermining your issue and offer talking points and other resources to counter this powerful tactic.


Media Coverage for Plant Foods Coalition and Dietary Guidelines

As I posted earlier this week, I submitted comments on behalf of new coalition of plant food companies to support the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s recommendations to lower red meat and processed meats and increased plant foods. I am pleased that the following media outlets picked on this story. More at: Politico’s Morning Ag: [...]

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Who Should Define ‘Natural’ Food?

The natural products business is booming. By some industry estimates, retail sales topped an eye-popping $100 billion last year, with nearly 60 percent coming from food. No wonder more food marketers are labeling their products — from Pepsi to Cheetos — natural. But what does the term actually mean? Despite the term’s popularity — or [...]

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Boston Law School Sells Out to Big Alcohol Front Group

           By Jason Blanchette and Michele Simon Overconsumption of alcohol remains the third largest cause of preventable death in the United States, causing roughly 88,000 Americans to die prematurely each year. Moreover the costs of alcohol problems to society top $200 billion annually. The alcohol industry, in attempting to deflect blame away from its incessant [...]

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Big Soda’s Front Group Arrives Early in San Francisco

Ballot measure could become first sugary drink tax in California Earlier this month, lawmakers in San Francisco introduced a bill that would tax sugary beverages at two cents per ounce, thereby setting off the latest big fight with Big Soda. The estimated $31 million in annual revenue would go to local health programs. Voters will [...]

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Big Food’s Arrogant Move in the GMO Labeling Wars

The food lobby wants a voluntary federal approach to GMO labeling,” but we should let the states have their way, for now. Those advocating for improvements to our broken food system have, of late, had little to crow about. However, in recent years, a growing movement to label foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) [...]

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