Examples of Food Industry Front Groups

Below are some examples of food industry front groups. These are organizations that claim to represent farmers, consumers, or some other sympathetic constituency but in fact are funded by powerful industry lobbyists and corporations. You can read more about front groups and their tactics in my report with Center for Food Safety: Best Public Relations Money Can Buy: A Guide to Food Industry Front Groups.

Long-Standing Front Groups

Alliance for Food and Farming
American Council on Science and Health
Animal Agriculture Alliance
Center for Consumer Freedom
Additional Center for Consumer Freedom websites:

International Food Information Council

Recently-Formed Front Groups

Alliance to Feed the Future
America’s Farmers
Center for Food Integrity
Center for Food Integrity is also behind:

Global Harvest
Protect the Harvest
US Alliance for Farmers and Ranchers

Scientific “Institutes” of Food Manufacturers

Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition (General Mills)
Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness (Coca-Cola)
ConAgra Foods Science Institute
Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Nestle Nutrition Institute

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