List of Groups to Donate to – Courtesy of Corporate Lobbyists

I had been planning to blog about groups that I make end-of-year donations to when a handy list came along that closely overlaps with mine. Ironically, it's from an industry front group called the Washington Legal Foundation. These corporate shills recently started a silly website called Eating Away Our Freedoms. (They even trademarked the name, that's how clever they think it is.) The best part (in addition to the creative re-do of the federal MyPlate image above) is the page called, "Who's Eating Away Our Freedoms?" - a list of my favorite colleagues (such as Marion Nestle and Mark Bittman) and non-profit organizations, complete with links to their websites. Two groups I have close working relationships with and whom I especially recommend you donate to are: Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and Corporate Accountability International. I also highly recommend Food Democracy Now and MapLight.


2 Responses to “List of Groups to Donate to – Courtesy of Corporate Lobbyists”

  1. This couldn’t be anymore timely. I’ve been looking for a place to regularly donate money to. Thanks for compiling this list. Saves me some time!

  2. Anna says:

    I just put-together a post (linked above) with the three non-profits I’m donating to in this last day of 2011 – Campaign for a Commerical-Free Childhood is the top of my list as well! Happy New Year and here’s to great changes ahead!

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