Media Coverage for Food Stamps, Follow the Money

Last Tuesday, I released a report, Food Stamps, Follow the Money: Are Corporations Profiting From Hungry Americans? I am grateful to each of these media outlets for their coverage.

My blog post appeared on:
Huffington Post
Civil Eats
Corporations and Health Watch
Living Green
Organic Connections

My article with Christopher Cook on AlterNet:
Are Corporations and Big Banks Making a Windfall From Food Stamps?

Reuters story: Report wants to know how much soda is bought with US food stamps

Reuters story also appeared on:
-       AlterNet (Thomson Reuters)
-       Baltimore Sun
-       Fox News
-       Huffington Post
-       Yahoo News
-       MSNBC
-       CNBC
-       MSN Money
-       The Mercury
-       News Direct
-       The Republic
-       Buffalo Public Radio
-       Northeast Public Radio
-       Rhode Island Public Radio
-       South Florida Public TV
-       Time of News
-       Red Orbit
-       Food News
-       EmpowHER

Additional coverage:

- VegNews Magazine: SNAP Out of It (PDF)

- Virgina Watchdog: Food stamps a ‘sweet’ deal for recipients, but critics sour on costs, fraud

- The Atlantic: In Defense of Food Stamps

- AlterNet: America’s 47 Million Hungry Mouths Are Just Another Corporate Cash Cow

- KCBS In Depth (radio): Follow the Money Behind Food Stamps

- Up with Chris Hayes (blog): The decades-long debate over food stamps

- The Columbus Dispatch (editorial): Food Stamp Secrecy: Federal government should release data about how this aid money is spent

- Washington Examiner: The New American Food Stamp Plantation

- Time Moneyland: Food Stamps: More Benefit to Big Food than to the Poor?

- Food Sleuth Radio Interview

- San Francisco Chronicle: Use of government aid for junk food questioned (front page)

- New Jersey News Room: Millions of food stamp dollars go to junk food, companies

- The International: Food Stamp Funding Faces Deep Cuts in US Congress

- The Daily: Hungry for Profit: More Americans going on food stamps means a windfall for JPMorgan

- KTRH Houston News Radio Interview

- Washington Times: Top secret: $80B a year for food stamps, but feds won’t reveal what’s purchased

- Chicago Tribune: Politicians, health advocates seek transparency, restrictions in food stamp program

- NPR: Report Urges Food Stamp Program to Clarify Purchases, Corporate Profits
Cross-posted on:
WGBH – Boston
KALW – San Francisco
(numerous other NPR affiliate sites)

- Marion Nestle: Who benefits most from food stamps? Follow the money!
Cross-posted on Food Safety News
The Atlantic: Do Food Stamps Need More Restrictions?

- Yahoo! Finance video interview by Aaron Task: Marion Nestle on The (Big) Business of Food Stamps: “Here’s Where the Profits Come in

- Marc Gunther: Soda, Obesity, and Your Tax Dollars at Work
Cross-posted on Sustainable Business Forum

- Marc Gunther: Anti-hunger, Pro-soda: Are you kidding me?

- Grist: Oh snap! Are food stamps another big subsidy for Big Food?
Cross-posted on Daily Kos

- Raj Patel: We Know More About Who Makes Our Bombs Than Who Feeds Our Kids

- Slate’s Moneybox: Food Stamps Are Not a Corporate Giveaway

- The Packer: Do as Simon says: Food stamps data should be open for review

- Everyday Health: Should Food Stamps Users Be Able to Buy Junk Food?

- AllGov: Which Corporations Profit from Food Stamps?

- Sunlight Foundation: Who’s money behind the farm bill?

- Small Planet: Food Stamp Subsidies for Junk Food Makers, Big Box Retailers, and Banks?

- Care2: Lining the Pockets of Big Food with Food Stamps

- Food Safety News: 2012 Farm Bill Advances Under Pressure Over Healthy Food

- We Don’t Need to Track Food Stamps Buys to Say Subsidizing Soda Isn’t Good

- Cheery Observations: Farm Bill Update: The Ongoing Food Stamps Debate

- The Lunch Tray: The Farm Bill: A Link Round-Up

- Daily Finance (AOL): Junk Food: The Pariah That’s Replacing Tobacco

- Republic Report: How JP Morgan Makes Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars On Food Assistance Programs

- J.P. Morgan makes billions in profits from food stamps every year

One Response to “Media Coverage for Food Stamps, Follow the Money”

  1. Patrick says:

    Not only are transnationals and banks profiteering from the poor using their paltry foodstamp allowance for nutrient deprived & toxic junk food, but they also prevent them from using foodstamps to purchase whole food vitamins, minerals and protein supplements like whey.

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